Retire To Florida

Retire to Florida

Retire to Florida

There are dozens of great reasons to retire to Florida. While it would take an entire book to describe them all, what follows is some detail on a select few. These reasons were selected not just for their widespread appeal, but also because they are real things that should be considered when determining where you should retire. The list includes the fantastic weather, state of the art medical facilities, abundant golf courses, wide selection of retirement resorts, and the little known asset protection that should be of concern to anyone retiring.

Of course the weather is the number one thing listed in any Florida travel guide. This is not just because it is sunny all of the time. But because sunny and warm weather combined with fresh ocean air is very beneficial to health and wellbeing of retirees. As mentioned already, Florida is not only sunny all of the time but it can boast an average temperature just below 71 degrees, making it the warmest state in the country. Do not let this fool you, while it is the warmest, it is not the hottest. Florida benefits by being surrounded by the ocean. As a result the temperature rarely goes over 100 degrees and the air is always fresh. Compare that to other retirement areas such as Palm Springs where the temperature can reach over 120 degrees an only cool to 110 overnight because there is no available ocean breeze. The only time you even need to tune in the weather station is if you are involved in ocean activities and want to know when high and low tide will be for that day.

It is fun to poke fun at the year round sunny weather, but the upside is that when you retire you have to accept the fact that you are getting older. This means that you do not want to spend your time shoveling snow, dealing with rain storms, or feeling the internal aches and pains that come when the weather gets too cold. The weather is a great reason to retire to Florida. It is also the reason that so many seniors from around the world get a Florida visa and go to Florida to escape the cold winters in their home countries.

Next to the positive benefits of fresh air and warm weather retirees must think about the availability of quality health care wherever they live. This is another reason that many people retire to Florida. Florida has an abundance of state of the art hospitals. This is important because as you get older and progress through your retirement years having easy access to a world class and top notch hospital nearby is very comforting. It is doubly important that the medical facilities nearby know how to handle the needs of those that are getting older. This is another attractive feature of Florida. Because of the high population of retirees the hospitals are all well trained and up to date on the latest procedures and developments in medicine that apply to retirees. It is also the reason why many “medical tourists” include Florida travel on their itineraries.

It is always good to mention the number of golf courses that are located in Florida. It is not because every retiree plays golf, but enough do that it is important. It is also relevant to those planning to retire to Florida because there are many activities that surround golf that even non-golf players enjoy. For example, nice restaurants, country clubs, and social functions. Golf may be the excuse for the function, but you do not have to play golf to enjoy it. These types of activities are attractive to all types of seniors and they oftentimes revolve around golf courses and golf country clubs. The abundance of golf courses is also a main reason why there are so many international requests for a Florida visa, international travelers love golf.

Because the idea of retiring to Florida has been around for decades, Florida developers have made it a point to cultivate and cater to this reputation. They have done so by developing countless retirement communities that have all of the amenities of a vacation resort, yet it is the retiree’s home. This means that there are normally several clubhouses, pools, and available social events within each community. This way a retiree can easily socialize near home or with friends in their resort community. The fact that everything has been developed with the retiree in mind means that neighborhoods, amenities, and social meeting places have all been designed to be easy to access and enjoy.

The final item that we selected to highlight as a reason to retire to Florida is the ways in which the state protects its residents. When you retire you have worked your entire life to obtain what you have. You do not want these things open to liability lawsuits, medical collections, or any other of the many types of legal means to take your retirement assets. This is especially important as you age because you are statistically exposed to, and more likely to take on, a catastrophic liability when you age than when you are young. This could be from an automobile collision, medical bills, or even extended family liability. Either way, Florida protects its residents

The first way Florida protects its residents is with an automatic $25,000 homestead exemption that kicks in the first January 1st that you are living in your primary residence. In addition to this, you cannot lose your primary residence to lawsuits. The only liens that can be put on your property are tax liens, mechanics liens, HOA liens, and mortgage liens. This means that other creditors or those that obtain judgments against you, cannot attach your property. Florida also protects pensions, 401K’s, and annuities. Florida also prohibits the garnishment of wages for the head of household. These protections are one primary reason there are so many celebrities that have their primary residence in Florida. It is also a little known reason why it is invaluable to retire to Florida.